Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Аджна чакра / Ajna (Third eye) Chakra

Аджна - "командният център" се намира в центъра на главата - хипофизата. Проекцията на чакрата е отпред в точката между веждите - брумадия. Нарича се "третото око" и е свързана с нососилиарния сплит, хипофизната жлеза, предния дял на мозъка, централната и периферната нервни системи, очите и ушите. Счита се, че епифизата също е свързана с тази чакра. 
Аджна е центърът на мъдростта и интуицията, на духовната сила, познавателните функции, възприятието, внезапните прозрения и дълбокото вникване в нещата, центърът, през който получаваме напътствия от гуру. При блокирано състояние се наблюдава демонстрация на сила, опит за влияние чрез силата на мисълта, умствена претовареност.
Цветът е тъмно син - индиго, елемент - воля, мантра ОМ


Indigo (blue purple) in color, this chakra is all about knowledge, clear seeing, truth and intuition.  The third eye helps you to see all circumstances around you and is the key to wisdom and controlling/ directing the life-force energies.  If your body were a ship, the sixth chakra would be the bridge from which you could see all directions and steer your life.

The physical location of this chakra is the center of the brow ridge, above and between your eyes.  This chakra is the center and source of intuition.  The so-called third eye has long been known as the center point of clairvoyance and spiritual insight. 

Health issues associated with this chakra include blood and coagulation problems, obsessions and circular thinking, sinus issues, headaches and strokes.  This chakra is most closely associated with the brain and upper head and affects our higher thinking.  The sixth chakra vitalizes the cerebellum (or lower brain) and central nervous system which consists of the brain fibers connected at the base of the brain and top of the spinal cords.  While meditating and doing mental work, the chakra energies, colors, pictures, and feelings together with an “inner knowing” will come to you through the third eye.

When this chakra is open and balanced, you are open, perceptive, intuitive and capable of deep resonance with others.  When this chakra is closed or imbalanced, you may tend to be skeptical, naïve, and rigid in your thinking. 


mythopolis said...

Knowledge is the source of mystery. The answer to anything, asks the next question. (Passing thoughts while looking at your painting)

therewereswallows said...

I thought about that a while...and I think there are different ways of knowing, asking questions and getting answers is just one of them, the knowledge of logic, of the mind...there is knowledge of the heart, of intuition...I think this chakra is about this one