Monday, September 20, 2010

pinhole sea

Спящи и сънища - ето какво излезе от лентата в този Зенит

Sleeping and dreamlike pictures came out of the film-experiment in this Zenith
I'm pleased  just because there are some images and I'm showing them especially for you, Dan :)


mythopolis said...

Too cool! For me, especially the highway shot!

Мilena said...

eee това с магистралата ме изкефи много...попадение е :)

therewereswallows said...

Хихихи, това всъщност е отчасти обновеният път до село Писменово :)))

Salah said...

I love them. They look like paintings. The fact that they are out of focus is what they make them even more interesting to me. our eyes and minds only need a hint of beauty to complete the whole picture. Good job.