Saturday, March 26, 2011

the Plovdiv Weather Report project

I started a new blog yesterday - Plovdiv Weather Report
This is going to be a colaboration project with people who love to share views from the cities they live in.
I hope this blog brings closer friends who live far away from each other and enriches the everyday experience in our own town. We'll learn more about life in other parts of the world as well... :)


nikru said...

търсите ли съдружници за София? :)

therewereswallows said...

добре си дошла :)

mythopolis said...

I no longer live in the city, but hopefully I can show some pictures of the country life here. Looks like fun. I look forward to seeing sights of far-away places!

therewereswallows said...

city, town, village, countryside, anyplace where you live :)
it's good to be a place you've spend some time and you know and feel close

don't forget to write the name of the place when you post your first picture and keep publishing ;)

waitng impatiently

Love blanket said...

Хайде, честито!
... изпратих го на едни приятели в Цюрих, ако имат време :)
като се сетя за някой още ще пиша също.

therewereswallows said...

супер! :)
нека ако някой иска да се включи, да ми пише на

if someone wants to join the "project" by becoming an author who will take and post his pictures on the blog, please send me an e-mail -

thank you :)

Ясмина said...

чудесна идея, щастлива съм да допринеса и аз :)