Saturday, October 09, 2010

Plovdiv jazz nights 2010

От трите джаз вечери тази година уважих единствено първата, заради изпълненията на Теодосий Спасов с Трилок Гурту и Кай Екхард на баса...беше голям кеф!

I remember Plovdiv as a town of jazz lovers since my childhood and recently an autumn jazz festival has been reborn - Plovdiv jazz nights. This year Theodosii Spassov (a famous bulgarian jazzman, playing the traditional kaval, combining bulgarian folk with jazz and folk elements form other cultures) played again with Trilok Gurtu and Kai Eckhardt - it was marvellous!


mythopolis said...

Thanks...I love jazz...I got to see a few great performances....Rahsaan Roland Kirk was so crazy it was scary. Also, Weather Report was a great ensemble! Jazz messes with our usual head, and in a good way!

therewereswallows said...

I haven't heard of the first one, but I had the chance to see Joe Zawinul in Sofia, it is one of the greatest experiences I've had!