Friday, April 06, 2007

Яйцата са опечени, козунаците - боядисани, раницата е почти готова, тръгвам :)!
Щастлив Великден на всички!
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Laure said...

What's your secret to decorate eggs ? I bought 12 eggs but I don't know how decorate them.

therewereswallows said...

:) the secret...I don't know, I certainly feel some kind of magic in all this...but I'll tell you how I made those on the photo. You wrap the egg with old onion leaves, tie it in aiece of tights (or other tissue alike), then put it in cold water to boil. The water becomes dark brown. I can't exactly say how long the eggs should boil in it, but you make normal well boiled eggs...If you have colours for eggs, you can put the egg, yet uncovered, in the paint...but it't beautifull to see what pure nature makes :)...Finally, when uncovered and dry, the egg is polished with vegetable oil to make it shiny :) Have fun! I prefer red onion leaves...but I think normal onion is good enough as well :)