Thursday, June 11, 2020

Memories and Dreams

This is the poster for my latest exhibition in Gallery Chudo (Miracle in Bulgarian) in the village Varvara. I have some precious memories connected to this place as Life has lead me there on several occasions without any intention from my  side and I am truly happy I will show my paintings there. Some of them were created during a plain-air in the same Varvara two years ago in the famous Strartzi razboinitzi (Old Robbers) restaurant, ten days of magic!
This Miracle will take place from the 13 of June 2020 in the gallery Chudo in El Boracho bar in Varvara, Bulgaria. The paintings will stay there as long as Life the past few months we grow used to not making firm plans about anything... I hope some of you may have a chance to visit :) Welcome and enjoy!

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